Winter Shenanigans

It seems that winter is here in full force, and though I haven't quite come to terms with the fact that we're nearing the end of November, the cold rainy weather quickly reminds me. The days grow shorter, the wind gets colder, and the holidays quickly approach. For us, this means multiple birthdays in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, getting a tree, hanging lights, and all the baking. I love baking! We usually slap together some yummy venison treats for the dogs, too. What does Thanksgiving have in store for you this year?

We all have heard the stories of dogs stealing the Thanksgiving turkey off the table, and all the chaos that ensues. While some laugh it off, it is actually dangerous for the dog to ingest cooked turkey bones as they get brittle and sharp. Do you ever wonder where this naughty behavior stems from? Is this how the dog normally is, and the stakes are just higher now because it's a whole turkey? Or is it the lack of exercise due to the cold weather that has impacted their behavior? We all know that dogs get destructive when not properly stimulated. Is this the only cause of bad manners? No, but it definitely could be a contributing factor. Either way, might be a good idea to take your pooch out for a run for the few days leading up to Thanksgiving. My theory is that the exercise will make my dog better behaved, and help me not feel so guilty for eating an extra slice of pie for dessert.

Also on the winter agenda this year, is finding that perfect property. We have been looking since March for a property that suits all of our needs and will give us the opportunity to expand our breeding program (#bringonthedogs). I'm happy to say that we have finally found it! We are in the process now, and are set to close towards the end of December. With any luck, our renovations will be complete and we will be moved in by February of 2020. There aren't enough words to describe the relief and excitement I feel that we have finally found a place to call home. Wish us luck! In the mean time, we will focus on training the dogs.

From our home to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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