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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

As I sit in my living room enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I am staring outside watching the rain drops roll down the glass. Wasn't summer supposed to start last week? Technically, yes (I double checked), but for those of us that live in Western Washington, summer doesn't always mean sun.

This year has been a particularly strange one so far, we had what I considered a mildly rainy spring. Apparently mother nature was just holding back that extra rain for summer. I always look forward to consistently sunny days, it means hiking, camping, and evening walks while it's still light out. It means exploring new parks and forests.

This summer looks a bit different than previous ones, I have more dog shows and training seminars scheduled than I do camping trips. Lexi was in training for her first obedience title, that was put on a back burner when my vet and breed mentor recommended breeding for her last litter sooner rather than later. So we are gearing up for puppies again, which is always exciting but also takes over my life for a few months. Barkley is heavily in training for conformation shows, both AKC and sieger, and obedience. I got a great picture of her focus during obedience the other day. We are also dabbling in protection work, with a goal of starting trials by the time she is one and earing her first IGP title by one and a half. Our English Springer spaniel is my husband's hunting dog in training, and guess who does the training (not my husband 🤣 ). I should add that it is MY choice to do the training with our ESS, mainly because I'm picky, not because my husband is a slacker. He works 40+ hours a week to support all my dog hobbies.

Though my "summer goals" have changed from previous years, I am looking forward to the many adventures we will have. Hopefully I'll still be able to squeeze in a camping trip before the end of summer, too, weather permitting.

What are your summer plans for your dogs? Tell me 3 things you want to do before summer is over!

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