Why Can't I Pick My Own Puppy?

It's a question I get quite often. An understandable question, as I too remember the days where you walked in to a litter of pups and picked out the first one who ran over to you. I remember thinking that must mean it loves me, it CHOSE me! This is meant to be my puppy!


The puppy who ran over to you first is the social butterfly of the litter. The most outgoing, more likely than not she's higher energy than some of her litter mates. While she may be an adorable, sweet pup, that doesn't mean she chose you. That puppy is the same one who has run up first to every visitor that week. You don't know that, but I do. I know these pups better than anyone, as I have spent the last several weeks raising them and noting all of their social, mental, and physical developments. I can tell you who walked first. I can tell you who picked up manding the fastest (if you don't know what manding is, it's a way for puppies to communicate with us and is explained here: ). I can tell you who is a resource guarder, who doesn't mind sharing their food. I can tell you which puppies have a desire for your attention and offer behaviors to please you without being asked. I can tell you who would rather explore on their own than participate in group training sessions. I can tell you which puppies like to constantly instigate their siblings and the pups who would rather walk away than get in a tiff. Can you tell me these things?

An experienced eye can tell a lot about a puppy by watching it interact with it's litter mates, watching how the pup responds to different stimulants, etc. Do I let experienced breeders pick their pup? Yes, to be honest, I do. Because I trust their judgement. However, it is my job as your breeder to make sure that the puppy you add to your home brings you great joy. I take what you are looking for in a dog, your goals and ambitions, your lifestyle and activity level, and your personality all in to account when deciding which puppy to send to your home. It's something I often spend weeks deliberating over, especially if I have multiple pups that would fit for different reasons. I try my hardest to ensure that you and your Hunter Rottweiler puppy are a match, so that adding a puppy to your family is a happy experience, not one that ends in frustration.

Choosing the best fitting home for my puppies ensures their happiness, and yours. That is what we are all about here.

The newest addition to the Matheney family.

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