Puppies Have Arrived!

The wait is over! I am so thrilled! Every single time puppies arrive I always feel like the house keeper in 101 Dalmatians, which is fitting, since a majority of my time I spend cleaning up after other people (ahh one of the many joys of young children).

"OOOHH.....the puppies are here!"

Surprisingly, the puppies came right on time, with the first pup being born at 8:55am and the final puppy born at 12:22pm. Labor and delivery went very smoothly, and Lexi was doing very well initially. Most of the puppies are an average size for a newborn Rottweiler, but we have one boy who is substantially smaller. He is getting special attention to make sure he gets enough to eat and stays plenty warm, and so far is doing well and growing stronger.

Queen Lexi has, once again, decided after a few hours of licking puppy bottoms to stimulate urination/defecation, that such behavior is beneath her. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm actually her servant, and she is happy with me playing a large part in child-rearing! She is wonderful about being careful with the pups, and nestles in close to nurse them. The nasty business, however, she leaves for me. Puppies can not go on their own for the first 2-3 weeks of life. They have to be stimulated every couple of hours, round the clock. Bring on the caffeine!

She had a total of eight puppies, five boys and three girls. I'll be holding back a puppy from this litter for myself, and two others are spoken for. For the time being I have 5 available puppies! If you are interested in adding one to your family, please fill out the puppy application (located under the files tab) and email it to me. All of the puppy information and price details can be found in the puppy contract - also under the files tab. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. I will get back to you as quickly as I can, email or messaging works best as it gives me time to wash up after I climb out of the whelping box!

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