Killing Time During Quarantine

Coronavirus. COVID-19. The China virus. Corona. All the names it goes by and to be perfectly honest, I am overloaded. Everywhere I look there is information pertaining to it. I swear I can't get on the internet without seeing 5 different posts/articles/newscasts about COVID-19. The reason I'm overloaded isn't because I take this lightly; it's because of the crushing reality of what's happening. The sadness, the death, the heartbreak of watching families lose someone. I have been so thankful that my family has managed to escape the clutches of this virus. Though I haven't lost anyone to this virus, I have lost loved ones. It's been almost 2 years now and seems sometimes like it was just last month. It's a constant sadness that you learn to live with, and that is why my heart hurts most for the families dealing with loss right now.

So, as a family who is taking the Washington stay-at-home order seriously, here is what we are doing to kill the time in quarantine. Aside from all of the regular house chores, and now homeschooling a kindergartner and a 1st grader, the dogs have been getting a lot of training time! Why? Because I need an enjoyable outlet that I can do at home, and that just so happens to be dog training. Currently AKC is allowing video submissions for AKC trick titles! They're a super fun way to enjoy your time at home. Here is the link with the info:

HERE is the list of tricks you can choose from to get the novice title:

Balance beam (walk on board a few inches off floor)

Bark on cue (“Speak”)

Crawl (dog on belly, crawls at least 3 body lengths)

Fetch it (ball, etc., 10 ft. away, bring to handler within 2 ft)

Find it (find treat or scent item hidden under 1 cup or object)

Get your _______. (Leash, brush, name of toy)

Get in (gets in box)

Sits in box (on cue)

Get on (gets on low platform or step - 4 paws)

Hand signals (Choose one: down, sit, or come)

High five

Hold (3 seconds)

Jump (thru a low hoop or over a low bar)

Kennel up (go in crate, stay in until released)

Kiss (point to cheek or back of hand)

Paws up (2 front paws on low stool or step)

Push-ups (sit, down, sit, down, sit, down)

Shake hands

Spin in circle

Touch it (hand or target stick)

Tunnel (agility tunnel or child’s tunnel)

Have FUN! As always, if you get stuck or are unsure of how to train for certain tricks, feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help you out!

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