I need YOUR help looking for something special...

Here is the thing. These puppies I have are getting cuter and cuter by the day. My boys are having an absolute blast getting to "socialize" (aka cuddle) them. Plus, with activities I have planned for them in the next few weeks I have NO doubt in my mind that these puppies will make amazing family companions.

BUT! And here is the big thing....

Look at how BEAUTIFUL their parents are. To top it off, they aren't just gorgeous, they're SMART.

So the thing is...these puppies, though they will make the best family dog you have ever known, have the potential to do SO MUCH MORE than that. They have the potential to absolutely rock the show ring. The potential to be the next grand champion. The potential to be an obedience star.

With the rock star potential of these pups, I am looking desperately for homes who want to bring out the best in them. Homes who want to dive in to dog sports. Homes who want to jump in to the show ring, be it AKC or Sieger shows. Are YOU the person to do that? Don't get cold feet on me now. Showing not for you? Keep reading anyways.

I need people who want to show their puppy off! If that isn't you, but you recognize the potential of these puppies as much as I do, there is still another option. If you want "just a pet," if you don't think you could step in to the show ring yourself, that is okay! Let me step in for you. That was my original goal when I had the idea to become a breeder years ago. To make "just pets" that were healthy and of good quality, without the seemingly insane price tag all these "show dogs" seemed to have. That weren't riddled with health problems. However, the more research I did in what it takes to make a healthy dog, the more I learned in my quest to make "just pets" as amazing as possible I realized I was hunting for something that didn't exist. I had taken the time to health test my girl, had her evaluated by a couple of breeders to make sure was a good representation of the breed, understood her faults and what I needed to look for in a stud so he would compliment her. Yet, every stud I looked at that had the temperament AND health clearances I wanted were all *gasp* show dogs! Where had I gone wrong? Where did I cross the line in my plan? How did I jump from thinking I wanted to "just make nice family pets" to thinking I needed a show dog for a stud?

Here is the secret: I hadn't crossed a line. Showing, in essence, is supposed to capture the structure, temperament, and integrity of the breed. In my mind, as a "pet person" I thought that show dogs were expensive because breeders could just slap a higher price tag on them, and because they had the word "champion" in their pedigree it meant dollar signs. In my mind, I thought that "pet prices" from back yard breeders were fair and all these "show breeders" were just greedy. In my search for making a happy medium, I found that all of my beliefs were SO wrong. Back yard breeders, the ones with those "affordable" dogs? Yeah...they make so much profit from those litters, because their list of expenses contains puppy food and first shots if they have any sort of conscience at all. They don't care to "better the breed" and they sell you on "oh these are just pets." JUST pets, there is that phrase again. Do they take the dog back if it ends up being a psycho? No. Do they care about matching the best fitting puppy with the best fitting family? Nope. Pick whichever pup you want! Do they replace your puppy if it ends up with severe hip dysplasia by the time it turns two? Probably not, and even if they do, how do you know the next dog from them won't have the same condition? Do they care about Juvenile Laryngeal Polyneuropathy and Paralysis? Do they care that it is FATAL and kills most dogs before they reach their first birthday? Most don't. I realized that those "affordable" puppies from "just pet" breeders, were not what I thought they were.

I found that "show breeders" were my people. They weren't in it for the money. They are in it to better the breed. They are in it to make sure the puppy they send home with you is HEALTHY and has a stable temperament and will be every bit of the dog you were hoping for and more. They are the kind of people who stand behind YOUR pet 100%, and offer advice, training expertise, and a loving home if it ever didn't work out.

You see, in my quest to make a 'happy medium' between back yard breeders and show breeders - a quality dog that was still affordable, I bled money. I went in to thousands of dollars worth of debt in health testing, failed AI attempts, pre-whelp care that never yielded any puppies. I went through the heartbreak of staring at an ultrasound of empty placentas where puppies once were, but were no more. It was an incredible experience, and oddly enough my husband didn't divorce me for the amount of money we lost (heh heh...good thing money isn't what matters most to him) and I realized what all "show" breeders do. When I finally had our first successful litter, we barely broke even. I realized why these show breeders charged what they did for their puppies. After the next litter I thought it would be fun to sit down and work out all the costs I spent on that litter alone, and then see how many hours I spent raising them and what my "hourly rate" turned out to be. Fun was not the word I was thinking of after I had that number. Curious as to what I made per hour? $5.63. I made five dollars and sixty three cents per hour. Not fifty dollars and sixty three cents...FIVE. Never looking at THAT math again, by the way. Which is when I decided that I don't do this for the wages. I do this because I love the breed, and I love raising puppies, and I love making families happy. These pups aren't "just pets" anymore. They are more. They are healthy. They are amazing. They are smart, and love to work and love to learn. They are gorgeous, and they are loving. Yes, they will make amazing pets, but no, that isn't all that they are. So when you see the price tag on my puppies, understand that I tried to be "affordable" first. Also understand, they are so worth it.

Now that you have been through this journey of how I got to the point of having show dogs, you can understand why I want to show them off! So if you are interested in being a very special home for one of my puppies, here is a quick break down of my CO-HOME options:

A co-home is an arrangement that is mutually beneficial for both the breeder, and the puppy family.

There are a few different types of co-home, each one I would stay on as a co-owner. First, the Guardian home: This is the least involved type of co-home. I would pick a puppy for you that I think would be a great fit for your home and has show potential. It would live with you as a family member, and I would be responsible for showing the dog. I would expect you to properly socialize the dog and complete basic obedience, so that it was generally well-mannered and well-behaved (not just at home, but in public too). These are all things that people should do with any puppy, so it really isn't asking anything above and beyond normal puppy ownership. The dog would be available to me for shows and breeding purposes (down the line, if we got to that point - i.e. all of the dog's health testing checked out and she was titled). You would get at least two weeks notice for any show I planned on taking the dog to, so it wouldn't be a random "hi I'm here hand over the dog for the weekend" type of thing. A lot of training goes in to showing conformation, so it's also very possible I would borrow her for a couple hours once a week for handling classes, to prepare her for shows. You would be expected to keep her in good physical condition (not overweight, toe nails trimmed, teeth cleaned, etc) - also something any pet owner should do. I usually only show once per month, but could show up to 3x per month. I also take time off here and there from showing, depending on life circumstances. If the dog's show career went well, and her health testing was all clear, she would produce two litters of pups for me, or he would be available for stud services to me at any time. I would be completely responsible for any show expenses, health testing costs, stud fees, and anything that has to do with showing or breeding. You would be responsible for normal care, such as grooming, regular health checks at the vet, vaccinations, basically all the normal things you would do for your pet.

The next type of co-home would be an active sport home. The dog would live with you, you would train and take care of it, and you would show it in rally and obedience. Show trial expenses would be your responsibility, and the dog would be expected to obtain the following titles: BSE (breed suitability evaluation - Sieger show test), Rally novice, Rally intermediate (optional), Beginner Novice Obedience (optional) and Companion Dog (this is the title you get from Novice obedience). I would pay for health testing and a breed suitability evaluation, and the dog would produce two litters, or if a male would be available for two years of breeding, which you would get 25% of the profit from (if there was any), then be spayed/neutered and 100% yours do to as you wish with. The dog would live with me during the second half of pregnancy and whelping, and raising the litter. There are more specifics that would be laid out in a contract.

The third type of co-home would be an active show home. The dog lives with you, and you train and title it in conformation to it's champion title, and also obtain at least a BSE (breed suitability evaluation). Health testing would be your responsibility. If everything checks out, the dog would produce two litters, or stand at stud for two years, which we would split profit from (if there were any) and then you would have full ownership of the dog to do whatever you wanted with him/her. This is usually a really great option for someone whose goal is to become a breeder. It gives them a chance for mentor-ship and still lets them be very hands on with their dog. There is still an upfront cost for the puppy, but it differs with each type of co-home.

If this is something you would be interested in please fill out the puppy application, located under the files tab of the website, and note on the application which type of co-home you're interested in. If your application is approved I will get back to you with the corresponding contract, which will include pricing details and other stipulations.

Being more than just a pet is so much fun.

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