Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Captain was my pick male puppy from our most recent litter. I had big plans to show him and keep him as our foundation stud, but we have decided that Captain would be best suited as a family pet.

Captain is an absolute sweetheart. He loves children, gets along with other dogs and cats. He is house broken, crate trained, comes when called, sits, downs, stays, walks on a leash, waits for the "okay" before eating his food, loves to go on car rides and loves to snuggle. He will lay with you on the couch or at your feet on the floor. He is very mellow and incredibly good natured, if you're looking for the perfect companion you have found him! He has been well socialized and is friendly when introduced, able to go in to a crowd full of people and dogs with no issues. He is one of those puppies that was born with an old soul.

Captain has found his perfect family! They are awesome and he is bonding with them quickly.

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