2 weeks old!

The Falko x Lexi puppies are two weeks old and thriving. They range from 2-3lbs and everyone has their eyes open. They are up and walking on all fours, and have started going potty on their own, which means potty training will start soon!

I set up a separate potty area in the whelping box at 3 weeks old, and rearrange things so all the pups are encouraged to use it. Most puppies naturally do not want to soil their bedding, they wake up and move right in to the potty area to do their business. As they get used to their potty area, I gradually increase the size of their pen and give them the freedom to make the right choice. Most puppies catch on very quickly. Setting a strong foundation for potty training at an early age helps the puppies learn the "right way" right off the bat. So instead of bringing an 8 week old puppy in to your home and trying to teach it that it can't potty wherever it pleases, the puppy is already accustomed to having a "potty area" and just needs to learn where that new area is in it's new surroundings. This helps make the transition so much easier on the puppy, and the new owners.

Soon they will be up, playing and interacting with each other and the world around them. That is when I introduce lots of fun, new noisy things for them to experience. They explore and build confidence, and is my favorite stage of raising puppies!

There are still males and females available, please contact me with any questions!

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