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IABCA Show results

October 17th & 18th, 2020

SHOW 1: JUDGE Mr. Roberto Zorzi - ITALY


Judge's Comments: Overall Impression: Good proportions, well presents self in ring. Coat: Good texture and condition. Head: Muzzle a little too long. Bite/Mouth: Correct. Eyes: Correct shape, color & set. Ears: Well set & used. Chest: Well developed. Front Quarters: Correct angulate. Back Quarters: Good muscles, hocks turn in when standing, not when moving. Tail: Correct. Topline: Solid, excellent croup size. Movement: Moves free with confidence.

SHOW 2: JUDGE Mr. Roland Hachtel - USA


Judge's Comments: Overall Impression: Well balanced natural dog. Coat: good texture. Head: Well defined, good width. Bite/Mouth: Scissors. Eyes: Dark, well set. Ears: Well placed. Chest: Deep, well spread. Front Quarters: good forechest and angles. Back Quarters: good angles. Tail: well set & natural. Topline: level. Movement: free.



Judge's Comments: Overall Impression: happy, confident bitch. Coat: correct. Head: balanced, nicely shaped. Bite/Mouth: correct. Eyes: proper set, shape, and color. Ears: proper set & carriage. Chest: Broad, deep, well muscled. Front Quarters: nice shoulder layback, strong. Back Quarters: nice angles, strong. Tail: proper set & carriage. Topline: correct & strong. Movement: moves well, covers ground. 

SHOW 3: JUDGE Mr. Randy Hamm - USA


Judge's Comments: Overall Impression: Happy & flashy. Coat: healthy. Head: nice shape. Bite/Mouth: correct. Eyes: nice shape & dark. Ears: set well. Chest: nice depth. Front Quarters: carries well. Back Quarters: balanced. Tail: nice tail set. Topline: Strong-Level. Movement: smooth.

SHOW 4: JUDGE Ms. Gloria Kerr - INT & USA

RATING: V-1 & Best of Breed

Judge's Comments: 

Overall Impression: nice athletic bitch. Coat: correct. Head: well shaped. Bite/Mouth: Scissors/full. Eyes: dark, set well. Ears: set correctly. Chest: depth to elbows. Front Quarters: moderate angles. Back Quarters: short hocks, moderate. Tail:  yes. Topline: level. Movement: Balanced. 


Health Testing

Additional test results will be listed as they become available!

PennHip results

PennHip measures the laxity of a dog's hips and gives you an estimate of their risk of developing osteoarthritis later in life. No evidence of OA was noted.

OFA hip

The phenotypic evaluation of hips done by the OFA falls into seven different categories. Those categories are Normal (Excellent, Good, Fair), Borderline, and Dysplastic (Mild, Moderate, Severe). Once each of the radiologists classifies the hip into one of the 7 phenotypes above, the final hip grade is decided by a consensus of the 3 independent outside evaluations.

OFA elbows

You can read all about elbow dysplasia at the OFA website here.

Elbow dysplasia has no rating for normal, abnormal elbows are graded I, II and III depending on severity.

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Health Testing

Additional test results will be listed as they become available!

OFA Cardiac

Important Info

Barkey currently has a basic cardiac certification. I am working on finding a cardiologist that performs echocardiograms to get an advanced certificate.

OFA Eyes

Barkley's eyes were certified NORMAL.

OFA Eye Certification examinations are screening exams performed by board certified veterinary ophthalmologists. To learn more, go here:

DNA Testing

Read full details at

Barkley is CLEAR for DM, LEMP, NAD, POANV (also known as JLPP) and XLMTM.