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We are a small, ethical hobby breeder. All of our dogs live with us, in our home with my husband, myself, and our three boys. We are working at adding dogs to our program and look forward to growth over time, but the dogs are family first and foremost. Listed below is some information and health results about the dogs we own, and the stud dog we are using for our upcoming litter.



Lexi is a wonderful girl with a lot of heart. She was born December 20th, 2013 and we have owner her since she was 8 weeks old. She grew up with my son, Gabriel. He was just over a year old when we brought her home, and the two were inseparable. She is hands down the best family dog I have ever met; she doesn't just tolerate the kids but genuinely loves them and enjoys their company. She loves baths, and will hop right in to the shower with you (whether you want her there or not). She is a steady, confident dog who loves people. Anyone you introduce her to she is friends with. She alert barks at strangers when she is in the yard, car, or house, but is immediately your best friend if I seem to like you. I had big plans of showing and competing with her, but went on to have another baby....and then another. Life happens, and the only time in the show ring she got was to get her Canine Good Citizen title. Who knows, maybe I'll head to the obedience ring with her at some point. For now she is perfectly happy and content being a spoiled rotten house dog. She was evaluated by other well established breeders who know a good dog when they see one prior to breeding, and has no disqualifying faults per the AKC and ADRK breed standard.



Falko is owned by Michael Burns of vom haus Burns Rottweiler kennel in Olympia, WA. Mike has been breeding quality Rottweilers for a long time and I am so privileged to be able to use his golden boy, Falko, as a sire. Falko is an impressive boy, with a good amount of bone and a beautiful head. He is goofy and affectionate to his family and friends, protective of his home when he should be, and accepting of strangers but could really care less about them. He is a great example of the breed. FALKO'S HIP AND ELBOW CERTIFICATION DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE OFA WEBSITE. It was completed in Germany, please click the link below to view his hip and elbow results.



Von Hunter's Bold As They Come

Barkley is our keeper puppy from Lexi and Falko's last litter. She is smart as a whip, sassy, sweet, and so much fun to train. She is 8 months old and in training for conformation, obedience, and protection. At the Western Washington cluster in July, under judge Joyce Dandridge she took first place in her age group. At the ARV-PNRK Summer Sieger Show under judge Josef Hedl she was rated V1 and took Best Female Puppy in show. I am very excited to see what her future holds. Barkley has a lot of maturing to do but is very well put together. I absolutely adore her temperament. She will do just about anything for string cheese, and loves playing in the water. At her first rally trial at 7.5 months old we walked out of the rally novice ring with a score of 92, placing first in the class. I will do updated blogs on her progress in the show ring, and eventually update with health test results as well.





9 weeks old $2500

This boy would be the PERFECT sport or obedience dog. He is super handler focused and will climb mountains to please you. He wants nothing more than to make you happy, and is a fun loving spunky little fella. He would take you places in the obedience ring. He would also be a great puppy for a child to learn with, he has the perfect personality for it. He's an absolute sweetheart and seeks out your attention. 
He will need a home that wants an intelligent, people-pleaser and knows how to handle the energy and drive he has. A home who is willing to provide an outlet for his energy and need to learn. You could have a great time doing rally or agility with this boy. He is nice and calm after he's had a good play session. If you're looking for a couch potato, though, he is not the pup for you.



9 weeks old, $2250

Pink would make a perfect family companion and is a fairly mellow girl. She enjoys snuggling and being near her people. She absolutely adores children. She has a wait and see type of attitude in new situations. She likes to fully asses her environment before diving in.
She is sweet, and loves a good snuggle. She is a smart girl and likes to please.



9 weeks old, $2250

Here is a puppy who would thrive in an active home and enjoys challenges. She is a sassy little girl, likes affection but enjoys exploring on her own. She could be your next hiking partner, or sport prospect. She is adventurous and bold.
Smart but independent. She reminds me quite a bit of Barkley!